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This project was born with the idea of reclaiming a leftover space.

Close to the water and in possession of perfect sun exposure, the location is one of the most beautiful natural rock-climbing walls of the Como Lake area and once served as a training ground for novice climbers seeking to test their skills on the weekend before attempting to scale a real mountain. But the opening of a vehicular tunnel’s safety and ventilation emergency exit spoiled the rock surface. Now, with the safety tunnel no longer needed, we saw an opportunity to retake this area as a place for wall climbing services.





2011, Feasibility Study



Menaggio, Como Lake, Italy



250 square meters


Design team

Daniele Baratelli,

Luciana Giovannardi





The design is, therefore, a re-appropriation of an already defined space via an enclosure. Inside the tunnel, we propose the placement of an indoor climbing “bouldering” gym (a variation of climbing that doesn’t need excessive height) and other features that serve both indoor and outdoor users, such as toilets, locker rooms, and a small conference area.

The volume of bathrooms is placed right at the entrance and help define the entrance and reception area. This allows for the creation of a multi-purpose loft space on the second level that overlooks the gym. On the opposite side of the gym, a glass wall defines the enclosed space and offers glimpses of passing cars.








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