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The story of this house is a tale of two mountains observing each other.

Located on the slopes of Mount Crocione on the west side of Como Lake in northern Italy, this single-family home surrounded by chestnut trees overlooks the beautiful scenery of the 1,736-meter-high Mount Grona.





Under Construction



Como Lake, Italy



300 square meters


Design team

Daniele Baratelli,

Alessandro Rizzi






How to deal with a site that is both sloped and north facing? This project solves the problem by overturning the usual layout of a two-story house. The living areas are in fact located on the second floor as well as the main entrance. Users will reach the house through a big, welcoming terrace, and then descend to the lower floor for the sleeping areas, which are half sunken and closer to the mountain’s heart. Skylights play an important role too, providing extra light and views of nearby Como Lake.






The house also pays respect to the silence of the alps with an appropriate dress.

In the past, nearby villagers built additional small homesteads — most of which still exist — in the area for farming and for cheese seasoning. We decided to follow the design of those farms and refer to the purity of their shapes and facade materials. A few details reveal the modernity of this construction, such as a clean roofline and a single big, squared window. Other building details were made to protect the structure from the infiltrations or the damage caused by the many wild animals in the area, such as squirrels, boars, and deer. Nevertheless, the house has been equipped and insulated to comply with current standards for energetic sustainability.








Construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019.





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