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The town of Grosio in northern Italy is characterized by a large gap between the old and the new town. Facing this empty space are an ancient Villa and one of the biggest churches of Valtellina, the valley that runs horizontally for many kilometers east to west in northern Italy.The design aims to turn this area in a carefully designed park and to create a multi-purpose building to inject some indoor functions, in the aim of establish a synergy between indoor and outdoor uses. On a wider thinking, we also propose to turn the old town center in a car-free zone, and redesign the vehicular flow of the area.




2010 Competition Entry



Grosio, Valtellina, Italy



25 hectares


Design team

Daniele Baratelli,

Luciana Giovannardi



The new multipurpose building is located at the edge of the park, interacting with a system of small-scale public squares that generate moments of relax, acting as a filter before entering the main park. The existing retaining wall of the site is restored and implemented and becomes a strong sign indicating the presence of the public space, immediately recognizable when driving through the valley.





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