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The realization of this 14-story office building in downtown Beijing is the result of a process that began in 2012 when the Chinese capital’s first tranche of contemporary projects — including Herzog and De Meuron’s Beijing National Stadium (often called the “Bird’s Nest”) and OMA’s CCTV Tower (recently renamed CMG Tower) — were completed. Many architects and designer were called in to participate in the metropolis’ rapid growth and development.


The client, IPPH (Intellectual Property Publishing House), is a Chinese state-owned company that deals with media and culture in general and publishes literature patents. Envisioning a multifunction office space, IPPH decided to relocate, subsequently acquiring a piece of land in west Beijing and announcing an international competition.





2016 Realization

2012 International Competition

1st prize + Commission


Project done in Rhinescheme GMBH



Beijing, China



32.000 square meters



ShuHe Architectural

Photography, Beijing





The brief and competition reviews were held in their office, where we learned about IPPH’s goal of opening their office building to the public because of the many events that the company organizes, which include conferences for new authors to present their latest works

Somebody once wrote that a good book must be judged by its last page. Similarly, the last — and top — floor of the building is completely reserved for public events. Fully glazed with fantastic views of the city, the whole floor is designed for the needs of the public, with specially designed spaces for conferences and exhibitions, and a panoramic restaurant as well.






At the ground level, the plot is defined by streets on two sides. The project took this condition as an opportunity by positioning a large public square at the street corner and orienting the building towards it. A generous entrance is created by the overhanging of the second and third floors. The first three floors and the first underground floor of the 60-meters-high tower are for retail, and another twelve levels provide office space.







The building was successfully completed in 2016.






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