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The design of these ski tracks in northwest Beijing takes into consideration a rising interest in winter sports among Chinese citizens and subsequent increase in total visitors to the slopes on peak days. The area has been subdivided into tracks organized by difficulty and by other activities such as a terrain park and tubing lanes.

Earth movements have been carefully calculated and optimized. Skier flow has been organized by a main cableway to reach the highest point and several moving carpets for additional way-ups.







Beijing, China


Design team

Daniele Baratelli, Yu Jing 余净, Zhang Xin 张欣, Chen Jing 陈静








Realization credits: TechnoAlpin (snow-making system); Metalmek (lighting); Neveplast (dry-sky carpets); JF Ski (artificial snow); Zero Ski (hand-made ski equipment); Zumsun Ropeway; Doway (magic carpet); AST (ice-making and ice-stadium operation); Magic School (ski training); Jingtai Group ( ski resort construction)

特别感谢: 意大利天冰造雪;意大利米太照明;意大利Neveplast旱雪;尖峰旱雪;意大利Zero Ski 手工雪板;北京中索国游索道;道沃魔毯;奥地利AST冰球馆制冰及运营;魔法滑雪学院(滑雪培训)。





The task also includes the renovation of an existing building for checking in, renting gear, and changing clothes. The floor plan has been generously designed to avoid congestions. the facade has been designed using a modern, dynamic language that is mitigated by traditional materials such as stone and wood. A rooftop terrace with a café and beautiful view over the ski tracks will be accessible through glass elevators.







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