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The history of this House begins in medieval Italy during the eleventh century as the city of Como was losing its decade-long war against Milan. In the centuries since, Como never truly regained a chance to compete against the city that became the economic hub of northern Italy. Como and its lake are today a tranquil tourism destination where many Milanese residents — just 100 km away — buy a holiday home.

Recently, a piece of land was sold by a local villager to a Milanese businessman hoping to build a house where to spend his weekends. Their agreement divided the land into two portions to host two houses, of which the lower one will still belong to the seller of the land.





2012 Realized



Como Lake, Italy



270 square meters


Design team

Daniele Baratelli,

Marco Mattei





The sloped land is worked out by the insertion of retaining walls, which are realized by using local stone masonry. The first actually hosts the garage. Big windows are opened facing the lake, and an outdoor terrace is created to enjoy the summer breeze.





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