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2011, Competition entry. With Luciana Giovannardi and Andreas Amodio

The primary school building has been located on the east side of the plot, creating a small plaza together with the elementary school nearby and to obtain a protected green area on the back, to be used as children’s playground. The project combines a simple, practical and affordable body with a strongly colored addiction in the shape of a tower. While the ground floor is dedicated to teachers, second and third floors host teaching and activities rooms, and the basement will house rehearsal rooms for the local musical band.




The tower has been designed is a playful way, and contains an oversized ramp, a way to get to the garden but also a space for games. Through an overhead light and a particular use of the materials, it will be the more representative space of the project. This is where the children will hang their drawings, and also what will identify the building from the outside, with an iconic appearance given by the pitched roof and by the skin made of painted wood tiles.


The primary school yard is designed in the shape of a small arena formed by some elliptical wooden seats, partially sunken. Around it, at the the upper level, will be the playground of the elementary school: two delimited areas that form a single big space of games and meetings.




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